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  • Restoration of historical window and door accessories
  • Restoration of metal accessories of old furniture
  • Restoration and preservation of old light fixtures
  • Restoration of metal interior elements
  • Assembling of historical window and door accessories
  • Ageing and patination of metals

We restore different metal items and accessories.

The old accessory is disassembled. Each detail is cleaned in the cleaning chamber using sand, glass beads or soda. Historical items in particular are cleaned by hand without using mechanical equipment. Items are cleaned and preserved with suitable equipment and substances.

Mechanisms of window and door accessories and working parts are oiled after cleaning process. Layers of old surface finish are most of the times removed completely. Only the historical patina layer is preserved. In case of severe damage, the items are cleaned and patinated again. Missing details of the window and door accessories are replaced with new copies. Broken details are restored, if possible.

Light fixtures that will be restored are disassembled completely. Wiring and other electrical systems of the lights are replaced or cleaned. Dirty crystals of chandeliers are cleaned, missing crystals are replaced with new ones. When restoring metals all the original parts are preserved, if possible. Wood elements of accessories are restored or replaced with new copies.

Possible surface finishes for the metal items to be restored can be found at the metal casting page.