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  • Production of historical window cremone bolts and handles
  • Production of historical door handles and leafs
  • Installation of historical accessories
  • Production of historical light fixtures
  • Production of cast interior elements
  • Production of historical window and door hinges

We manufacture different building elements and accessories using traditional sand casting and lost wax casting methods. Our production is all made by hand, it is original and unique. The appearance of cast elements is natural without that typical machining surface of modern mass produced items. The window and door accessories we manufacture fit the locking and latching mechanisms selected by our clients.

We manufacture exact copies of historical original elements as well as elements with different dimensions. Dimensions of the elements are customizable to some extent, e.g. to fit narrow frames. Copies of accessories can be made on the basis of client´s drawings/photos as well as historical interior photos.

We can also make various smaller cast design products and elements.

We have a diverse selection of surface finishes for our products:

  • Polished brass finish (high gloss)
  • Brushed brass finish i.e. Satin-brass
  • Glossy nickel-chrome finish
  • Matte nickel-chrome finish
  • Patinated brass finish (yellow-brown)
  • Oxidized metal finish (dark grey, antique colour)
  • Industrially painted finish (unlimited colour selection)
  • Coppered surface finish (copper-like red)

In addition to window and door accessories we also manufacture different historical brass chandeliers and wall sconces and other exclusive interior elements.

Our window and door accessories can be found here.